How to airgrab meetone tokens with Scatter

You can no longer airgrab tokens. 

- Only available until 6th of March 2019 - You will recieve the airgrabbed tokens on 7th of March.
- The airgrab is a ratio of 2:1, so for each EOS you own, you will recieve ½ Meetone. 
- The snapshot of your EOS account is taken 19th of February.

Step 1 - Find your accountname

on the Meetone sidechain you will find a new account name with the same keys as your EOS account. 
To find the name, simply go to and put in your publickey in the search field. 
Your name will be 10 random symbols followed by .m

Step 2 - Connect your scatter to

*Make sure you have the scatter desktop version, and you have removed the old unsupported browser extension*

  1. Go to
  2. Use the wallet menu and go to contract
  3. Attach scatter identity
    1. A pop-up will open where you need to pick your preffered account

Step 3 - Get the airgrab.m contract

  1. Enter airgrab.m and push - Get contract
  2. Click on "open"
  3. Fill out the details
    1. Owner - Your account name
    2. Symbol - 4,MEETONE
    3. ram_payer - Your account name
  4. Push the transaction 
    1. Make sure you Allow the transaction in scatter

Step 4 - make sure your account is in the contract list

  1. Press "Tables" in the contract menu
  2. Change Limit to 10000
  3. Fill in your accountname in the owner column

Known issue: If your transaction went through but you did not find your account in the list?

This issue has come to light on the 2nd of march and most likely is because the query is getting long. 
You can check if your account is in the list by hitting the "list mode" function on table.  This will give you a complete list of all accounts. Make sure you set the limit to 10,000.

Known issue: Your airgrab.m transaction doesn't go trough

These are the most common issues

  1. You have the wrong account name in the ​Tables
    1. Double check that you have written the account name correctly. 
    2. Press 'List mode' and change limit to a higher number. 2th of March we reached 5500 in the list. 
    3. Remember it takes a while to fetch that many rows of the blockchain into EOSX, so sit back and relax while loading.
  2. You do not have enough ram to cover the cost
    1. Make sure your account has enough RAM.
  3. Using a ledger you get 'User rejected the signature request'
    1. Make sure you have the arbitrary data option in ledger turned on.